Repeal the Seal–Protect Your Health

UPDATE:  Thanks to all who signed the petition.  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics made the decision to #RepealTheSeal

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) has launched an amazing campaign:


Kids Eat Right is a campaign meant to “end the childhood obesity epidemic” and “educate families, communities, and policy makers of quality nutrition.”  Wonderful, right?

Unfortunately, the campaign has been getting a lot of negative press lately.

The first product that received the Kids Eat Right seal was none other than Kraft Singles.


Now there are headlines everywhere that say:

‘75,000 Dietitians Recommend Kids Eat American Cheese.’

Kraft Singles are high in calcium and vitamin D, but when looking at the food as a whole we realize that it is highly processed and high in sodium.  There are many other healthier sources for these nutrients, like real cheese.

Kraft Singles does not meet the FDA standard for cheese.  Products that contain less than 51% real cheese must be named ‘pasteurized prepared cheese products.’

The USDA states items labeled with the wording ‘cheese product’ are not creditable for Children Nutrition Programs.

Many health professionals, myself included, feel that this seal is only going to further confuse the public.  When shopping, parents will see this seal of approval and perceive Kraft Singles as a healthier product.

Luckily, a petition has been started to repeal the seal.

The public should be honestly guided when it comes to health.

If you don’t want the relationship between AND and food industry funding to affect your health, sign the petition below.


Sign Now:

Repeal the Seal Petition

Follow along on social media: #RepealTheSeal


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