What About Protein?

A nutritionist’s answer to the question vegans receive all the time: Where do you get your protein?

Plant Proteins (2)

But seriously, stop worrying about protein.

According to CDC and NHANES data, most Americans eat more than enough protein.

56 (1)

How much protein should I eat-

Note: Protein requirements are slightly increased in highly active people and elderly. These recommended protein intakes can generally be met through diet alone, without the use of protein or amino acid supplements (AND).

Protein is important, but it is not the only nutrient.  There are a lot of other nutrients needed for health; for example fiber.  Why do I bring up this specific nutrient?  Unlike protein, Americans greatly under consume fiber (CDC).  Fiber is important for your heart, weight, and energy.  I say it is time we shift our focus from protein to fiber.

How much fiber should I eat-




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