Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is all about love.  

Show your body some love, and try these Valentine’s treats:

High fiber chocolate covered strawberries.

Chocolate covered strawberries are a healthy Valentine’s treat.  The fiber, found in strawberries, helps to slow down sugar digestion, which means less of an insulin spike. It is even more healthy if you use dark chocolate.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are going on a picnic.  I live in Phoenix, Ariz. so we are currently enjoying 80 degree weather.  Perfect time to pack a healthy lunch, get outside, and absorb some Vitamin D.

Easy Picnic Wraps:



Lay out a long piece of tinfoil.  Place tortilla on top of foil.  Layer your tortilla in the following arrangement- spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, salsa.  Fold your tortilla tightly, like a burrito.  If packing to go, fold burrito in the tinfoil.  Otherwise, dip in hummus, and enjoy!

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